We stay until the job is finished










About Us

Fair and Square Construction is Mike. Experience includes replacing doors, flooring, windows, and siding, framing buildings, re-roofing, remodeling, decks, building garages, and a cabin. If we had to say what our specialty is, it would be a tossup between remodeling and storm damage restoration. Both are very challenging areas of the construction business and we have worked with most insurance companies.

When we started the business a few years back we kept it simple. We wanted to avoid the little mistakes that the “Big Guys” cannot avoid. First, we decided that we would perform as much of the work ourselves as possible. When we do use sub-contractors, they are people we have worked with in the past, or someone we know personally. We do not over schedule jobs. When we start a project, we are there until it is finished. We believe all customers deserve that personal touch.

Volunteering is part of our business and we try to help out folks needing a hand whenever possible. Though not as much as we’d like, we have gone on mission trips to both New Orleans, LA and Biloxi, MS to help with hurricane recovery efforts. Locally we have helped with building homes for families in the North Minneapolis, Anoka, and Ramsey communities. Service is part of everyone’s life and we are grateful to have these opportunities to help out once in a while.